Election of New Elders Ballot
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Candidate Biographies
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Members of St. Andrew’s Session

Interim Minister: Rev. Peter Coutts 


  • Annette Shaw
  • Audrey Cole
  • Bill Judd
  • Cathy Millar
  • Christine Pepper
  • Craig Murray
  • David Platt (currently on a Leave of Absence)
  • Debby Dorcas
  • Dolly Forcade
  • Ed Braun
  • Elaine Cantlon
  • Hugh McFadzean
  • Inge Murray
  • Janet Ridsdale (currently on a Leave of Absence)
  • Judie Coleman
  • Kevin MacFarlane (currently on a Leave of Absence)
  • Loran McVittie
  • Lynn Judd
  • Mark Rowe
  • Rhonda Wishart
  • Sheila Kirkland

Session meetings are conducted as ‘Worshipful Work,’ where worship liturgy is woven into the formal structure of the meetings and serves as a reminder of ‘who we serve’ and ‘whose we are’. Session seeks to make decisions collaboratively through prayerfully discerning God’s will. Session meets 8-9 times a year and the Lead Minister moderates the Session meetings.