God has prepared for us things beyond our imagining. Our hope is for a renewed world and for fullness of life in the age to come. As Jesus taught us, we pray: "Thy kingdom come."

Life in the age to come is pictured in the Bible in different ways: an eternal kingdom, a new heaven and earth, a marriage feast, an unending day, the father's house, and the joy of God's presence. God will triumph over all opposition and everything that disrupts creation. We shall all stand under the final judgment of God, as we receive the divine verdict on our lives. Worthy of hell, eternal separation from God, our hope is for heaven, eternal life with God through the grace bestowed on us in Christ.

To say "no" to Christ is to refuse life and to embrace death. The destiny of all people is in the hands of God whose mercy and justice we trust. Eternal life is resurrection life. As God raised Christ, so shall we be raised into a condition fit for life with God. Eternal life begins in this life: whoever believes in the Son of God already has eternal life. In Baptism by faith we die and rise with Christ and so are one with the risen Lord. In death we commit our future confidently to God.

Life had its beginning in God. In God it will come to completion and its meaning be fully revealed. All creation will find fulfillment in God. Christ will come again. Only God knows when and how our Lord will return. Now we see in part. Then we shall see face to face.