Who are we?

We are Presbyterian.

We are defined first and foremost by our structure. We are led as a church by a team of Elders that are chosen from within the congregation. These Elders are responsible for overseeing all of the ministry and mission of the church., though some elders are gifted and called to the specific ministry of word and sacrament. We submit ourselves to the oversight of a Presbytery made up of representatives from each church in the area, for the purpose of oversight, accountability, and mutual building-up. 

We are Reformed.

We stand on the foundation of scripture. What we call the Bible is the highest standard of our church, and the measure against which we compare every part of faith and life. We find our base in scripture, and from there we listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit calling us to reform ourselves again and again and again.

We are Confessional.

Our Faith is rooted in history. Through the Ecumenical Creeds and the confessions of the Reformation, we believe that faith is something we figure out together along the way, and something we arrive at together. 

We are a Church.

We are a place where people come together weekly to hear from God and experience Grace. We are not a perfect people, nor will we ever be. But we are a people who gather to confess our brokenness in community, and in that same community, to find one who restores us.