2023/10/04  Kindness expressed throgh Estate Bequests:

Expressions of Gratitude at the Sunday, October 1, 2023 Service from Stephanie Werle and Kevin MacFarlane of the Gratitude and Generosity Team: [Click here to see the video]
Stephanie: Eleanor Art was a beloved and committed member of this congregation.  Whenever there was a job to do, Eleanor was always there.  She was an active Elder from 1981 to 2008, totally 27 years of service on Session, including a time as Clerk of Session.  She was an excellent example of a faithful servant, always yearning to grow in her spiritual life.  She attended many retreats and was a valuable contributor to meaningful discussions.  Her smile was bright and her warmth was genuine.  Eleanor's bequest to St. Andrew's was in the form of the $50,000.00 proceeds from a life insurance policy
Kevin: Many of you may not be aware that Reverends Ray and LaVerne Waldock began coming to St. Andrew’s in 2011. Ray and LaVerne were partners in life and work as they taught and ministered together – 10 years in India, another five in Africa.  They also ministered to the community at First Baptist Church in Barrie Ontario.  LaVerne died in February 2017 following compassionate care at the Providence Care Centre.  Her service was held here at St. Andrew’s. Ray and LaVerne were both very involved with Side by Side and even following the loss of his loving wife, Ray always took the opportunity to care for others, both at Side by Side, and where he lived at Age Care Midnapore, until he died in November 2022.  As faithful followers of Christ, Laverne and Ray had arranged for a bequest to St. Andrew’s amounting to 10% of the after-tax value of their estate or $99,000.00

The generosity of congregants through their bequests to St Andrew's has prompted the Finance Team and the Session to work together to develop a plan for the use of these funds. 

2023/10/04  Thanks to our amazing Interim Moderator

Clergy Appreciation Day is the second Sunday in October, and all of October is celebrated as Clergy Appreciation Month. The celebration was established in 1992 with a mission of uplifting and encouraging pastors, missionaries and religious workers. Peter is now our Interim Moderator ~ however, I don’t think there IS an ‘Interim Moderator Day’... so… if you feel you would like to uplift and encourage our Interim Moderator this month, I’m sure a smile and an ‘I appreciate you’ would be MOST appropriate the next time you see Peter!  And Clergy Appreciation Day this year just happens to be Thanksgiving Sunday.  I think it’s MORE than appropriate to express thanks for Peter’s presence in our midst ~ no matter his role!   ~ Deb

2023/09/27  Thanks from Debby on behalf an undiclosed person in the congregation

Someone from the congregation asked me if I would write something to thank the choir for their commitment to lead the congregational singing even when they were ‘on summer vacation’.  She said that it made SUCH a difference over the summer months to have the choir singing and leading each Sunday, and she was so very grateful for those voices.  As we have said before, music is an important part of the ‘heart of St. Andrew’s’.  So thank you, choir, for helping carry the beat (pun intended).  ~ Deb

2023/09/20  Thanks from Debby on behalf of all

“Music can change the world.” — Ludwig van Beethoven
Sheila Kirkland took this to heart, and throughout her life has changed her ‘little piece of the world’ - wherever she was living at the time!  We at St. Andrew’s are so thankful for the many gifts Sheila has shared with us over the years.  A highlight for many choir members was when Sheila directed the Chancel Singers for many, MANY years.  Sheila has also sung in our choirs, served on Session, and ~ always wanting to grow in faith ~ participates in the Sunday morning Bible Studies.  We know that music and the arts have always had a little piece of Sheila’s heart, and we have been blessed when she has shared these with us.   Sheila turned 95 years young this past week.  We were thrilled that we could celebrate this milestone birthday with her and her son Ian, and look forward to Sheila’s continuing contributions to the life of this congregation.  We know music will always be a blessing in your life Sheila, as you are in ours!!    ~ Deb

2023/09/13  Thanks from Debby on behalf of all

We are blessed at St. Andrew’s to have a vibrant Heritage Seniors group who are active, organize a variety of activities, and reach out to all seniors in the community around us.  This past Monday, they honored and recognized John Young for his many years of service with Heritage Seniors.  John credits this group for indeed BEING young at 98 years of age.  He said that over the years, Heritage Seniors has kept him active and involved.  Bless you John, for all you have done, and continue to do, for Heritage Seniors, and indeed - for our St. Andrew’s faith family!!

This past Monday, Heritage Seniors also presented a cheque to St. Andrew’s.  Accepting the cheque is our Treasurer, Dolly Forcade.  The group appreciate the beautiful spaces in our building where they hold their weekly activities, and are grateful to Dolly for her administrative support.   ~ Deb

2023/09/06  Thanks from Craig Murray and then Debby, on behalf of all

On the weekend of August 25 to 27 the annual StAC camping weekend was held at Bow Valley Provincial Park. We had a great turnout of 37 in total for the Saturday hike, and then 21 for the outdoor service on Sunday. Ken Burrell was kind enough to come out and lead the music for the Sunday service, and thanks to all those that participated in the readings and prayers. Our appreciation goes out to Steph Werle for helping to put together the order of worship.  ~  Craig Murray  And to add to Craig’s thanks, the congregation would like to say a special thank you, as always, to Craig and Inge Murray for their leadership and for ensuring the camping week-end is always a positive experience for all those who participate!! ~ Deb

2023/08/30  Thanks from Debby on behalf of all

It seems to me Kevin and Barbara MacFarlane took these words to heart, and we the congregation of St. Andrew’s say, “Thanks for helping us stay connected.”  Every week Kevin and Barbara prepare and send out our LinX email on Wednesdays, and each and every week they prepare the worship slides that prepare OUR hearts for worship, and help us worship well!  We are so grateful that they both share their time and talent with us, and we hope this small gift will remind them of how much we appreciate them, and how much they mean to us every time they use them.  So to answer Martin Luther King’s question about what are you doing for others, Kevin & Barbara?   You are helping your people stay connected!!!  ~ Deb

2023/08/23  Thanks from an anonymous person

I am both a member of St. Andrew's and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). For 15 years of my 40 years of sobriety I attended an AA group in the basement of St. Andrew's church. I owe much of my sobriety to the kindness of St. Andrew's and countless other congregations for allowing AA groups to meet in their buildings. For this I will always be grateful, this has saved my life and allowed me to be a productive member of society.  ~  Anonymous

2023/08/09  Thanks from Debby on behalf of all

We have many people at St. Andrew’s who quietly and ‘behind the scenes’ carry out God’s work among us.  We are grateful for each and every one of you.  You know who you are.  Today we would like to say a special thank you to one of those quiet, faithful, faith filled people ~ Lorie Nielsen ~ for her work as Coordinator of the Prayer Chain.  Lorie works with her team to ensure everyone who requests prayer is ‘lifted up’.  Sometimes by name, sometimes by their request only when they ask to be anonymous.  Lorie’s team sing her praises for her dedication to this ministry.   For her faithfulness.  For her thoughtfulness as she communicates with everyone involved.  Many of you will remember Rev. Geoffrey and Lorie having time together last August at the front of the Sanctuary in the children’s time talking about prayer, where Lorie shared the prayer she prays everyday.  “Dear Lord, please hold up the world another day.”  May it be so.  ~ Debby

2023/07/12  Thanks from the Facilities Team

We are grateful to our Gardening Team, Pat & Duane Tritter and Flemming Nielsen, for ALL their hard work keeping our plants watered and weeded, and our grass watered!!

2023/06/28 Thanks from all of our congregation

We are blessed to have talented musicians in our midst.  To celebrate and wish Geoffrey well on his last Sunday with us, our choir came ‘out of summer retirement’ for the second week in a row to help lead our bluegrass music  (bless you all!!!), and the ‘Colorful Shirt Band’ made their debut.  Thanks to (from left to right) Clarence Lomheim, Ken Burrill, Thelma Wagner, Geoffrey Simmins, Danny Duncan, and Peter Coutts.  You made us proud, and helped us worship well!!

2023/06/07 Thanks from all of our congregation

We all know that Sunday, June 25 will be Rev. Geoffrey’s last day serving as our Interim Minister of Pastoral Care.  We may KNOW it, but we are going to have a hard time accepting it!  Rev. Geoffrey has come to mean so much to so many, and it will be hard to say good-bye.  We are hopeful that as a congregation we have ‘returned kindness’ to Geoffrey and Joan, but we want to make sure we express our appreciation for all he has done for us over these last three years.  If you would like to contribute towards a ‘purse of money’ for Rev. Geoffrey, please speak with Dolly or Debby.  And be sure to worship with us Sunday, June 25 for Rev. Geoffrey’s last service with us.    It’s going to be a memorable one!!

2023/05/31 Thanks from the Facilities Team

The Facilities Team would like to recognize and express our thanks to Kevin MacFarlane and Otto de Nooij. After the television fell off the wall in one of the Faith Formation rooms, these two gentlemen stepped to the rescue. Kevin was able to confirm that the TV was still working and he was able to reprogram it and restore all the "Smart TV" features. Otto used his carpentry skills to build and mount a new shelf for it on the classroom wall.
Thank you both for your skills and quick work. ~ Don Koch

2023/05/15  Hank, John, Margaret, and Sylvia offer their thanks

Thanks to everyone at St. Andrew’s for your overwhelming support for our family in the recent death of our mother, Alice Wimmenhove.  Your cards, phone calls, offers of food and other help were very much appreciated - we will always remember your kindness.

2023/05/15  Thanks from the Facilities Team

The Facilities team would like to recognize and thank the following persons who came out and helped out at St. Andrew’s annual Spring clean-up on Saturday May 13th  - Judy Bridgemohan,  Brad Chalmers, Elizabeth Dolan, Otto de Nooij, Don Koch, Alfred MacRae, Tom McIntyre, Flemming Nielsen, Sean Pepper, David Townsend, Duane Tritter, Pat Tritter, and Brent Werle. Thank you as well to Dave Reed from the Haddon group who came out to help us paint. Special thanks to Otto de Nooij for bringing some very delicious pecan tarts for the coffee break!
God gave us a beautiful morning for our labours and we were able to accomplish much together. Together we got to cross the following tasks from our to–do list:  sweep the parking lot, beautify the gardens, repair steps, paint the steps, sidewalk and garbage enclosure, turn water on and put out hose reels, wash the foyer windows inside and outside, trim several trees, and move loose gravel.  It was a wonderful morning of fellowship and light work.
Good job everyone!   ~  Don Koch

2023/05/10  Blessed with a little blessing!

Dear family,  We are happy to share with you that our baby boy,  Zephan Chimemerie Emenyonu, was born on the 13th of April 2023 at 10 am.  Although we had an extended stay in the hospital, we are all doing well.  A very special thank you to everyone, especially the ladies at St. Andrew’s, that gave their time and resources and well wishes to our family and our baby boy. May God reward you generously in Jesus name.    Amen  ~  Chiamaka and Chisom

2023/05/10 - From the Heritage Seniors

Just a note to thank all of our volunteers who helped in anyway with the Heritage Seniors Strawberry Tea! We couldn’t do it without YOU!
We are so blessed to have you in our circle of supporters.
Sincerely, Jan Kozbial

2029/04/19 - Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

We are grateful to Sheri Coutts and her ‘banner squad’ for putting up the Alleluia banners, Lynn Judd for the flower arrangements, the Facilities Team for setting up the crosses on the lawn, and to anyone else who helped us ‘visually’ experience the Easter story.

2023/03/27 - The following thankful comments from Chiamaka and Chisom:

We would like to say a big thank you to Alfred Macrae and Sean Pepper who both went above and beyond to help us pick up and deliver our washer and dryer at short notice. May God bless you both immensely in Jesus name. Amen.

2023/03/21 -  The following thankful comments from parents and kids for the Take 150 Event:

“Thank you so much TAKE150 team for the wonderful event. The kids came home so happy!!! 
We are so grateful for your hospitality, your care and spirit of fun!
What is most valuable about TAKE 150 is that the children get to love the church more and more and associate it with good fellowship and fun. We really appreciate it
Thank you for the tireless work that goes into making for such an awesome evening - We truly appreciate it!!
So much fun was had - thank you!
We had so much fun, when is the next TAKE 150?
The green cake was so yummy!"


2023/03/20 - Many thanks to Brian Hawco for his help in getting Anna back on her feet after her fall in the rear parking lot after church on March 12.  Lawrence and Anna Anderson.

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