The Church exists by mission,                                                               just as fire exists by burning 

Emil Brunner

St. Andrew’s is an intentionally missional congregation - which means that mission is central to our identity and purpose. We promote missional involvement in some way for everyone because involvement is essential to us. It renews our vitality as we invest our lives in the lives of others for Christ's sake. As we serve others in mission we find ourselves growing deeper into God. 

Mission for us is our response to Christ’s call to love others. 

Desiring to make a difference in our world, we work to effect change where there is need and apply ourselves with intentionality and authenticity. Motivated by our hope in Christ our goal is to impart hope to those we meet.

Our mission must be visible. In this way our work is a witness to Christ. As we seek to accomplish our goals, we will express these values:

Education: We will seek first to foster respectful relationships that ensure that long term support will continue after our involvement is ended, and that our contributions will enhance the abilities of those we help and not replace them.

Complexity: Mission is a muscle. As we grow in faith, nurtured by worship, mission becomes a more natural expression of who we are.

Holistic: We will address both the need and also the causes of the need.

Diversity: We strive for balance in mission between local and global, between hands-on and advocacy, and between fundraising and direct involvement.

Meaningfulness: We recognize the gifts, strengths and passions of individuals and connect them to projects that will be most meaningful to them. 

Inclusivity: We plan mission involvement in such a way to include the involvement of every person - young and old. 

Partnerships: As much as possible, we seek to work - not alone - but in partnership with others.

Process: The process of doing mission will be as important as what we do in mission.