Children's Ministry is important to us because it was important to Jesus. Let the children come isn't just a nice idea, it's a command.

So Children's Ministry at St. Andrew's is part of our intentional focus on Family Ministry. 

Family Ministry at St. Andrew's exists to enable and empower parents to be the primary faith communicators for their children.

As a Leading with Care community, the care and safety of our most vulnerable people is our top priority. Everything that we do puts the safety and security of children front and centre. We are pleased to be able to provide a staffed Nursery at both services Sunday morning. We have a pager system to alert parents to return to the nursery if any type of emergency arises. In addition, the worship service is available for viewing in the Nursery if a parent wishes to remain in the Nursery with his or her child for any portion of the service.

There are two church school classes at the 9:30AM service. One class is for children from age 3 to Grade 2 and the other for children from Grade 3 to Grade 6 with age appropriate Dwell curriculum published by Faith Alive Christian Resources. At the 11:15 a.m. service there is a multi-aged grouping for church school for children from the ages of 3-11 also using the Dwell curriculum. Children go to their worship centre on the lower level after the children's story (about 20 minutes into the worship service). There are two leaders in attendance on most Sundays so if your child becomes ill or wants you, one of the teachers will locate you if necessary. A volunteer Shepherd is also on duty who can help with any emergency situation. Older youth are encouraged to worship in service with their families or are welcome to assist the leaders in the church school classes if that is of interest to them. 

Have a question about Children's Ministry that you don't see here? Contact Jared Miller - our Minister to Families by clicking here or call us at the office, (403)255-0001