StAC Virtual Wall of Loved Ones
Light & Love fundraising event where you can make your free will offering/donation in the name of your loved one

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Donations have been made in the names of the following loved ones:

Husband of Rev. Fiona Swanson: Gary Swanson

Brother of Rhonda Wishart: Brant Wishart

Grandchildren of Cathy Millar: Karys Millar, Ashlyn Millar, Andrew Reimer

Nephews of Judy Bridgemohan: Spencer and Stephen Bridgemohan

Indra Bridgemohan (mother of Judy Bridgemohan)

And in memory of:

Rev Frank Breisch (husband of Sheila Kirkland)

Rev Karl English (husband of Barb English)

Randy Kearnes (husband of Barbara Kearnes and father of Lorna Andronikou)

Richard Poirier (husband of Brenda Poirier)

Flora and Harry Taylor (parents of Barbara MacFarlane and Brenda Poirier)

Other donations have been made with private thoughts of loved ones in the hearts of the donors.  If you would like to make a donation, please click on the link below.  You may add the names of loved ones in the comments box if you wish.  Please choose "Love and Light" in the dropdown menu.

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Printed StAC Xtra Editions
Did you know we deliver over 130 copies with the Printed ConnXions?

There are many in our congregation who have difficulty with modern technology, either a tough time using it or being challenged in seeing it because of vision impairment.  Similarly their access to sermons may be limited. 

In the recent printed addition, we have invited people to call the office if they would like to be assigned a "Sermon Buddy" who could call them and play a recent requested sermon from their device over the telephone.  They can be found easily on the website under MEDIA.

If you would like to volunteer to be a Sermon Buddy, please contact the Communications Team at the following link and we will contact you when the office passes one of these requests on to us:

[Email to Communications Team Convener]

A new baby boy is born to one of our own!
Parents, Grandparents and new Auntie are so proud.

Sue and Stewart Hall have become grandparents! Adam and his wife Shainna became proud parents of a baby boy on Valentine's Day. Alexander Hall was born at approximately 9:30 p.m. that evening.  Here is a photo of Adam and the new baby just after the birth. He has a full head of hair (unlike Adam!) and yes, it has red tones :-) 

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Renewing Community
Great ideas for going forward:

1. 40 Days of Photos - Can you take photos of Growing Life Together with God? (see the news article below)

2. Pet Blessing - an opportunity for you to bring your pet to church so you can give thanks to God for the love and comfort they have brought.

3. Stations of the Cross - From Condemnation to the Tomb - 14 images and experiences of Jesus' walk before His crucifixion. (see the news article below)

Stay tuned for more information - To volunteer for the "Idea Team" or to help plan for any of the events, please send an email to [email protected]

Other News Items

Recent updates to keep you in the loop.