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Zoom help for the Congregation
Go to the link below to read materials and find a link to a helpful video!
For sending Videos and Large Files

Here is a YouTube videos which explains this free tool that you do not even have to load on your computer, tablet, or phone:

[Click for YouTube video on WeTransfer]

You do not even need to create an account:

[Link to]

How your Church Team can make use of Survey Monkey

St. Andrews has a Survey Monkey subscription that you can use to assist our congregation. You may have filled it out with one of theCreek surveys. Contact the office at the email below if you would like assistance.
If you are not getting our StAC LinX Weekly Newsletter
And you are using a Shaw Email address on our mailing list and do not want to change it.

The following may solve your problem (courtesy of Tom Spoering)

In a web browser, go to and login to your email account, even if you normally use some other app to view email, such as Outlook.

Click on the Preferences tab (with the gear icon) at the top of the page.

In the left column, click on the left arrow > beside Mail, then click on Spam under Mail.

Where it says “When receiving Spam:”, select “Label messages as Spam and keep in Inbox”.

I think the default is “Label message as Spam and send to Junk”.

There is another setting “Discard message immediately (will not appear in Trash)”; you do not want this.

This will redirect new messages but not change the location of previously received ones.

You will be surprised at how much email you’ve been missing.