Week 1: What? How has the Church in Canada been changing, and why?

This is the first of three workshop presentation on the changing nature of the church. This week we look at the impact of 60 years of societal change in Canada and how that is shaping the church.

Week 2: So What? How is our understanding of “church” changing?

Following the first video where we explored the impact our changing society is having on the church, this presentation looks at models for church. In theology we call this "ecclesiology". For centuries we have relied on one model that assumes a Christian society (we called it Christendom). With the fading of Christendom our habitual way of being church is failing us more and more. In its place I present the Missional Church model as more relevant for our increasingly secular culture.

Week 3: Now What? 

This is the third and final video of the "What? So What? Now What?" series. In this video we will look at quite a number of what I call "transformational" congregations. These are churches that have moved from being congregations of habit to become congregations of intention. As transformational congregations they all see the core purpose of their existence a calling to change something: either in helping a person grow spiritually or by helping the neighbourhood know greater "life in abundance."