Why we pay Presbytery Dues

By Phil Gaiser, Treasurer of the Presbytery of Calgary-Macleod

The Presbytery of Calgary-Macleod levies dues to each of its 14 member churches according to the size of its congregational base.  For 2022, the congregation of St. Andrew’s will be asked to remit $22,359, or 15.5% of the Presbytery budget.  What happens to all this money and what does each church get out of it?

50% of the funds spent go to salaries of the General Presbyter and the Director of Cyclical Ministries. The General Presbyter, Jean Morris, works tirelessly behind the scenes on the management and the health of our congregations and our ministers. There have been many little fires and some major ones that have needed an outside mediator and that has been the thankless role of Jean. We also have a director of Cyclical Ministries, tasked to implement the Cyclical philosophy of Church Planting.  Andrea is currently on maternity leave, but is expected to be back on duty in January. 14% of our budget goes to Cyclical membership and implementing this program.

21% of the dues go to the Synod of Alberta and the northwest. Their funds mainly look after Camp Kannawin.

5% of our funds support the chaplain programs at University of Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and the Chair of Christian Thought at U of C.

The remaining 10% supports the administration of Presbytery itself, including travel, website, insurance and honorariums for the Clerk and Treasurer.