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The Legacy Fund was formally started in April 2013. A "seed" bequest of $510,000 was received as a result of the amalgamation of St. Andrew's and Trinity Presbyterian Church in Calgary, and the sale of the Trinity Presbyterian Church building. This fund is administered by a Session appointed committee of active members. Gifts to the Planned Giving Program of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church are either allocated to the Legacy Fund by Session or designated by a donor to the Legacy Fund. Capital funds in the trust are intended to be held in perpetuity. The three specified sub-fund categories are as follows:  

Our Mission

The purpose of Our Mission sub-fund is to provide financial support for the mission work of the congregation, which may be, but is not limited to outreach, social assistance, social programs, witness and evangelism, church growth, new church development, justice, and neighbourhood ministry. “Our Mission” is intended to help us express love for our neighbour, whether near or far.  

Our Worship Ministry

The purpose of Our Worship and Ministry sub-fund is to provide financial support for the ministries of the congregation, which may be, but are not limited to worship, music, Christian education, fellowship, hospitality, pastoral care, and congregational life. Our Worship and Ministry is intended to support the congregation in being the Body of Christ.  

Our Facility

The purpose of Our Facility sub-fund is to provide financial support of major maintenance of the building, or buildings of the congregation, as well as for major maintenance, upgrading, and additions to the property of the congregation, beyond what could normally be supported by our annual budget. Our Facility is intended to maintain our building and property, which supports our mission and ministry.  

New monies donated to the Legacy Fund are added to the fund capital and as the capital grows, the investment proceeds earned will also grow. Proceeds may be requested for financial support for a new project or initiative from any of the above sub fund categories as described

Our 2022 Annual Report highlighted the following items being supported by the Legacy Fund:

• Beds and a new refrigerator for Claire House
• New dishwasher for the Karl English Lounge
• Literature for Stephen Ministries
• Supplies for the Worship Team to enhance
memorial services

You can read more about the current status of the Legacy Fund as it reaches its 10th anniversary and opportunities for you to support it in the article written by Derek Wilkinson in the February/March 2023 ConnXions by CLICKING HERE 

For information about making a planned gift or other bequest, please click here to contact our Treasurer.

The Resolution regarding planned giving, ratified by the congregation in 2016 can be downloaded below.