Did You Know ... that you can make a donation to St. Andrew's through your company's United Way Campaign?

As an employee of a company that participates in the annual corporate United Way Campaign you may choose to designate your donation to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. The United Way will process your donation and forward the full amount, less a very small administration fee, to St. Andrew's. If your company is one that matches all employee donations to United Way, then the United Way will receive the same amount from your company that St. Andrew's receives from you. In other words, the company's matching portion will go directly to the United Way and the programs it supports, while your donation will come directly to St. Andrew’s. In this way both St. Andrew's and the United Way are winners! And having more employees participate in their annual United Way Campaign helps your company look good too. So if your employer participates in the corporate United Way Campaign then please consider this avenue of giving which benefits both St. Andrew's and the United Way, while allowing you to support your company’s United Way Campaign efforts.

The following information may be required if you wish to make a donation to St. Andrew’s through your company’s United Way Campaign:

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Charitable Registration #10794 8804 RR0001